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Sensory Processing, Fussy Eaters - Feeding Advice

Professional Development Sensory Processing

Sensory Education Session - $350

Do you or your team work with children who struggle with their sensory processing? Have professionals mentioned that it might be related to 'sensory' but not how to asses that or help with children through it? Do you want to make sure your work space is a sensory safe space for the children that visit?

Now offering group education sessions for your teams professional development. $350 for 1 &1/2 hours, $80 for every half hour over that, including any plans or resources requested following the education session. Come to my clinic to try out a range of sensory items you could utilise or i can bring a selection that may suit your workplace to you.

Professional Development Sensory Development

Are there children in your class who struggle to sit still, even though you can see they are trying! Or who always seem to be interrupting the class by making noise or moving around for no particular reason. Or does some special person seem completely oblivious to what is going on around them?!

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Professional Development Fussy Eaters and Problem Feeders

Do you and your team work with children during times they are eating? Do you know how to approach a child who needs encouragement to eat anything, or to eat a range of foods. What is the best way to help children who gag or choke more than typical for children their age - is it safe for them to be eating at all? What should you be recommending when talking to parents about their children's eating needs?

We have been providing feeding therapy for the last 6 years based on the SOS Approach to Feeding - Fussy Eaters and Problem Feeders and we would love to come support your team to prevent further issues developing and to maximise the positive benefits of children eating around other children to overcome some of those tricky stages of eating development. 

Book an education session today and we can come to you!

Fussy Eating and Problem Feeding

Professional Development Education Session - $350 for 1 1/2 hours

An in-depth education session, covering Sensory Processing, Oral Motor Development, Psychology and Language behind feeding, Role Modelling and Routine, the SOS Approach and Steps to Eating.

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