Feeding Development

Fussy Eaters and Problem Feeders, based on the SOS Approach to Feeding

Is my child a Problem Feeder?!

Are you concerned about your child's narrow range of foods? Can't figure out why they refuse certain foods or it's a battle to get them to eat at all? Will your child eat less than 30 types of foods, or block out whole food groups?

Is this the advice you've had?

"They'll eat when they are hungry" "Just make them sit at the table till its gone" "We never would have let them get away with that..."

Well your not alone! We have been working for years with children with feeding issues from minor concerns right through to only eating Peanut Butter for a year straight! Feeding Therapy is not a quick fix, progress does takes time but change can happen and most importantly we can set you on the right path for approaching feeding in your home.

About the SOS Approach to Feeding

Developed by Dr. Kay Toomey, the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding program is an effective way to address problematic feeding behaviors in a variety of settings and populations. Parents and caregivers of children who will not eat are faced with a difficult and often puzzling challenge. Because the interplay between weight gain and a child’ s experience of food can be complicated, there is rarely an easy solution when a feeding problem arises. The SOS Approach uses a transdisciplinary team approach which assess the “whole child”: organ systems; muscles; development; sensory processing; oral-motor skills; learning, behavior and cognition; nutrition and the environment.

SOS Approach

This service can include the following: what is required and associated costs will be discussed with you prior to initiating services. 

  1. Full Oral-Motor and Sensory Assessment 
  2. An in-depth education session, covering Sensory Processing, Oral Motor Development, Psychology and Language behind feeding, Role Modelling and Routine, the SOS Approach and Steps to Eating 
  3. Combined Sensory/Oral Motor plan for approaching your child's feeding needs 
  4. Ongoing Feeding Therapy Sessions with parents and child 

Education Session Only

An in-depth 1:1 education session with a therapist, discussing Sensory Processing, Oral Motor Development, Psychology and Language behind feeding, Role Modelling and Routine, the SOS Approach and Steps to Eating.

Investigate why your child might be eating the way they are and then we will make sure you have all the information and a thorough pathway to begin working on your child's feeding needs at home in your own time.

If you attend this session, then decide you do need the full package of specialist intervention, you can continue with this after the education.


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