Specialist Infant Feeding Service

 Are you worried about your baby or young child?

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 Paediatric feeding Speech Language Therapists (SLT’s) specialise in looking at the parts of your baby’s mouth and throat, as well as watching them eat, and giving techniques and advice to solve feeding problems. SLTs are professionally trained in assessing safety of swallow, (making sure food and drink doesn’t go down the wrong way into the lungs) and oro-motor function (looking at how the muscles of the mouth and throat work together to eat and drink).

We can recommend various techniques to help your baby feed better (breast or bottle), as well as recommend specialist equipment such as bottles and bottle teats. We also provide feeding therapy, in conjunction with an Occupational Therapist, for older children with food refusals and limited diets.

And we work alongside public services at Palmerston North Hospital (such as paediatricians, dietitians, lactation consultants, or other allied health members) and other private practitioners, to provide a wrap-around service.

Infant Feeding Options

Initial Assessment- $200

A 45-60min assessment and feeding report, at clinic or your home.

Further Assessment - $130/hr

e.g a second location/preschool

Therapy Sessions - $70/$100 (30/45mins)

Phone Follow-ups - $55 (30mins)

additional travel costs may apply

Red Flags For Infant/Toddler Feeding:

  • Not latching well and/or consistently to breast or bottle 
  • Has a lot of milk coming out of mouth during feeding (soaking through a burp cloth or bib) 
  • Coughing or choking with breast or bottle feedings 
  • Frequent, large spit-ups, projectile vomiting, or spitting up through their nose 
  • Reported to be “hard-to-feed” 
  • Refuses the bottle (if a bottle is needed) 
  • Takes more than 30 minutes to feed 
  • Falls asleep during the beginning of feeds 
  • Trouble sleeping (i.e. not sleeping enough or sleeping more than expected) 
  • Arching, crying, and/or hard to hold (during and especially after feeding) 
  • Gagging or fussing with puree feeding 
  • Does not accept any purees by 9 months of age, and table foods by 11 months of age 
  • Grazing throughout the day (eating every 1 to 1 1/2 hours) 
  • Does not accept any type of cup by 10 months of age 
  • Over-reliance on breast feeding or formula for nutrition past 10-12 months 


We would love to hear from you to see if we can help.

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