What is TeleHealth

In simple terms, telehealth occupational therapy is occupational therapy online via video conferencing software or other means of telecommunication, e.g. phone.

Why should we try TeleHealth

TeleHealth is a modality being used more and more frequently around the world to increase people's access to Specialist Services. Not only do you not have to be in the same physical vicinity, you have more flexibility around timing and you suddenly have a lot more choice for what is right and needed for your family. 

Go Glow is introducing Telehealth in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic and we are learning and exploring this new way of providing services also. We are committed to being present for your families, continuing to provide the advice or support as you need it as best we can.

Come on the journey with us!

How can we do TeleHealth?

Telehealth is really simple and most people would have the resources required at home!

You'll need a phone, tablet or computer that you can make calls or engage in a video chat with with your therapist. To do this the device will need to have a webcam (if you want to do video's) and a microphone.

Our Therapists will email you a meeting invite for your therapy time and you can click on that link at your set time to join the session! Easy! You don't even need to download any software.

We are in the process of looking into different systems but will only get better as time goes on!

At this stage we are only able to offer this service to clients in NZ.


Initial Assessment - $160

Initial information gathering, goal setting and session planning if your child has not been seen by any of our Go Glow team before.

TeleHealth Therapy Session - $70

20-30mins Therapy Session with child and therapist over a video conferencing system with the parent as the 'e-helper'.

Telehealth Parent Coaching Session - $40

15min phone call or video conferencing call to discuss goals and therapy plans for the week. Therapist will advise what their therapy activities would be for the week and discuss how parents could implement these at home.

Sensory Profile Assessments - $350

Teleconference with parent or teenager as appropriate to complete a Sensory Assessment Questionnaire. Following this you will receive a report outlining your young person's Sensory Profile and a comprehensive range of strategies to meet those Sensory Needs.


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