Paediatric Physiotherapy

Specialist physiotherapy services available now.

We all know that being physically active is important for our mental and physical health. Moving helps us participate in our families, wider networks and school, it allows us to have fun and explore the world we live in. Our Physiotherapist would love to see how physical skills are impacting your child and journey alongside them, and yourselves, to maximise their full potential and gain confidence in moving. This might be through ideas for play, or stretches, strengthening and balance exercises.
If this sounds like something your child might benefit from then get in touch!

Physiotherapy support for your child or young person who has developmental or disability related needs. Are you concerned about toe walking or ongoing pain your child experiences. Do they seem particularly uncoordinated or have they strained something playing?

Our Physiotherapist is happy to work with any child or young person to help them rehabilitate or develop the skills and strength they need to live their best life. 


Initial Assessment - $160.00

Physiotherapy session - $70.00 per half hour

Admin/Report writing/ School meetings etc - $140 per hour


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