Relax Kids

Relax Kids is a program that uses research-based relaxation, mindful-ness techniques, and positive psychology to help children become more resilient, improve self-confidence by providing them with tools and techniques to manage their emotional wellbeing and mental health. 

Relax Kids classes aim to help children develop skills and self confidence that will help them to manage their emotions, moods, stress, and anxiety in a safe space. It also teaches children how to relax, how to improve their sleep and developed a sense of body awareness. The program works towards providing children with a toolbox of skills that can be easily transferred into later life.  

Relax Kids Classes includes a range of mindful movement and play based activities, relaxation stretching, soothing self-massage, calming breathing techniques and exercises, positive affirmations, and creative visualizations. 

Classes and session run for approximately 1 hour per session/ per week for a duration of 8 weeks. 

Lego Therapy

Lego-based therapy is a social development program which provides effective social development intervention to children with Autism spectrum disorder and other conditions effecting social skills. It is evidence based, meaning it has been studied and recreated successfully by other professionals. Participants are carefully matched according to their existing social skills and groups start off with 1-2 participants. This supports a successful group dynamic and sometimes can take a bit of time to find the right match between peers. 

The groups work on:  Conversation skills, Resilience and perseverance, Cooperation and collaboration skills, Leadership and teamwork skills, Negotiation skills, Fine and gross motor skills, Self-regulation and impulse control, Sensory modulation, Showing interest in others.

Sensory Profiles/ Intervention

We use the Sensory Profile 2 to complete a Sensory Assessment – this can be solely school based or school and home.

From this assessment we provide a Sensory Profile report with the results and a range of strategies to try in the school/home environment.

Fine Motor/Gross Motor

When classroom teachers are concerned about a student’s development in regard to fine and gross motor tasks, we are able to complete an observation session with the student (either in class or out) and provide specific strategies to assist or offer ongoing therapy to assist with skill development.


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