Cochrane family 😊

Freddie has been attending weekly sessions at GoGlo for over 6 months for both Occupational and Speech and language therapy. Freddie is always excited to go as it’s such a warm, welcoming, fun space to learn. Rachel and Lise are so patient, kind and knowledgeable offering an incredible service.

Since beginning GoGlo Freddie’s speech, behaviour, toiletting, fine motor skills, and concentration have improved!

We are absolutely thrilled with this excellent service where Rachel has gone above and beyond to help Freddie and our family.

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for the help you have given our family.

Our 9 year old and 2 year old daughters have both been attending weekly Occupational and Speech Therapy sessions at GoGlow for over 9 months. I have been amazed at how Rachel, Lynsey and Lise have been able to adapt and make individual programmes for two girls with such different skills, challenges and goals.

When I first inquired about getting support for my youngest who at the time only engaged with 2 or 3 people, I had no idea whether it would be even possible for her to engage with the therapists, let alone make progress. The GoGlow team persisted and went above and beyond to build a relationship with her and every week it makes me smile to see her rush in to see them.
During the time we have spent working with GoGlow both of our daughters have made big leaps in their speech, communication and learnt a lot of new skills. But the biggest gain for our family is watching our girls develop a relationship together, when less than 6 months ago our youngest didn’t acknowledge her sister. The work that the girls have done at GoGlow has been instrumental in this.


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